About The Joshua Chamberlain Society

The Joshua Chamberlain Society has the goal of aiding severely wounded military service members and the families of killed-in-action members of our military who sacrificed all in our service. In what we believe is a unique mission, we adopt these severely wounded veterans as JCS Heroes, and they will stay part of our family for the remainder of their lives, just as their injuries will be with them for the remainder of their lives. As the battles in Afghanistan and elsewhere continue to rage, we have been introduced to more wounded warriors than our current funds allow us to adopt. As such, our continued challenge is to raise money in the hopes of serving more and more JCS Heroes. To aid our current JCS Heroes, and ultimately give us the opportunity adopt more, we are hosting the 7th annual Price Of Freedom gala.

To learn more about us, please visit www.chamberlainsociety.org

About Joshua Chamberlain

A Congressional Medal of Honor winner and Civil War hero, who lived his post-war years dealing with the pain of his war wounds, the namesake of the Joshua Chamberlain Society stands for all the military servicemembers the Society hopes to help - brave and honorable warriors who sacrificed and lost so much in our service.